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How to choose the best commercial wood fired pizza oven

Whether you’re opening up a pizzeria or looking to add something new to your restaurant, wood fired pizza is beloved cuisine worldwide. But the only oven that’ll get you that authentic, crispy pizza will be a wood fired pizza oven. If you’re considering the purchase of a pizza oven for your commercial business, consider these areas to make your decision.

Customers and size of space

How big is your building and what is the quantity of customers you intend to host? Is it seated or takeaway? The number of customers will impact the size of oven you choose. Pizzerias and restaurants specialising in wood fired pizzas will want to choose a larger design to manage the quantity during peak periods, while a smaller restaurant with a larger menu may only need a small oven that holds fewer than 10 pizzas per cook. Heat retention and warm-up time will also be a factor depending on the number of customers you expect to serve.

Position of the oven

Outdoors or indoors? Visible to customers or hidden? If you’re placing your oven in an outdoor setting that blends with seating for customers the style and look might be important to you. If your oven is indoors within the kitchen it may not be as much a priority. You will also want to make sure that your oven’s door has the space for cooks to easily place and remove pizzas. The positioning and placement of your oven will help you in deciding on the design.

Heat retention

As mentioned above if you’re serving a lot of customers in a row, heat retention and warm up speed is going to influence your ability to serve quickly. Brick and stone ovens are fairly good for maintaining heat and heating up quickly, which is why many people opt for this material. Another element that impacts heat will be the mouth and door. Ovens should be able to be opened without it interfering with the other pizza, so do your research on how heat is managed with your oven.

Look and style

The design of your business has a huge impact on the appeal and intrigue for your customers, and you don’t want your new pizza oven clashing with your existing look. Many businesses prefer the look of a rustic brick pizza oven, which is also advantageous for retaining heat. However stone and steel ovens can create a sleeker or versatile look that maintains your existing style. This may be especially important if you plan on having your kitchen and oven visible to your customers.

Manufacturing commercial ovens to an international standard

Sydney Fire Bricks is an Australian owned and operated business running in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We have been manufacturing high quality ovens since 2012, and pride ourselves on our ovens being some of the best in the industry. Performance and exceptional cooking are our top priorities for us. We manufactured and supply ovens for hospitality businesses across Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to find out more about our commercial wood fired pizza ovens, reach out to the team on (02) 8411 2546.

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