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Outdoor Pizza Ovens – A New Backyard Cooking Experience

Though an outdoor pizza oven may be something new for many Australians, it was simply the norm before we had the convenience of electricity. Pizza tastes heavenly when made in a wood-fired oven. But so does a whole range of other foods, from roasted meat, to veggies, to desserts and more.

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How to Light a Fire in Your Pizza Oven

The most natural way of preparing the fire is to roll up old newspapers into loosely spherical balls. Don’t wrap them too tight: this will deprive your newspaper balls of oxygen. On top of your scrunched-up newspaper balls, start placing the thinnest twigs as kindling. Make sure they’re nice and dry, otherwise they won’t catch fire properly.

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4 Things To Consider When Buying A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

It’s possibly the single most important thing to consider when buying a wood-fired pizza oven: who’s making it?
Though you may not be well-versed in wood-fired pizza oven builders, it’s still equally important to choose a top notch manufacturer as it is when buying a regular oven. A brand like Miele, for example, is a highly regarded oven manufacturer. Find a wood-fired equivalent, like Sydney Fire Bricks.

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Are Outdoor Kitchens A Good Investment?

All good investments have a specific function – something that they allow you to do. An outdoor kitchen is a hard asset. This means it’s a physical asset that you can touch, hold and use. Outdoor kitchens are incredibly practical and, when you have one installed, you’ll find that you’ll want to cook inside less and less.

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

The heart and soul of your outdoor kitchen is the wood-fired oven. It’s where the heavy lifting gets done, and the hearty food gets made. If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen design ideas, then choosing your wood-fired oven is a good place to start. Lots of factors will influence the design of your outdoor kitchen, like space, budget and personal taste. You’ve got endless options, but we’ll list a few of our favourites below.

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How To Set Up Your Outdoor Kitchen

The good thing is that setting up your outdoor kitchen isn’t so different from setting up your indoor one. Think about it: you know exactly what works in your indoor kitchen and why. The sink is in a practical place, usually at the centre. Cupboards are close by and underneath the bench top. Your oven (or, in this case, wood-fired pizza oven) is also at the heart of operations.

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Why Are Pizza Ovens Better

For centuries, there was only one way to make pizza: in a pizza oven. Truth be told, it’s still the best way, although the option of cooking pizza using a conventional oven is now available.

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What Else Can I Make in a Pizza Oven?

There is a range of other opportunities for cooking delicious meals in a pizza oven. You’ll find so many recipes online for outdoor pizza oven dishes! Let’s have a look at what else you can make in a pizza oven.

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How Heavy Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

In recent years, and especially with the development of outdoor pizza ovens, they’ve become lighter in weight and easier to transport. In this post, we’ll walk you through all your options when it comes to the weight of outdoor pizza ovens.

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