The worlds Best ! Alfa Pizza Domestic Prefabricated Woodfired / Gas ovens 

Choose the residential wood fired oven that best suits your personal needs. Your outdoor cooking experience will be full of flavor every day. Enjoy grilling, baking and stewing delicious meals and test yourself with our yummy recipes. Our pizza ovens are characterized by a careful design, high quality materials and attention to details. We produce furnishings suitable for both rustic and modern design homes, for use indoors, in the garden or on the terrace. Alfa Pizza transforms the traditional way of cooking.

These ready to use ovens are designed for outdoor use. Powdercoated 7 times and wind, rain, sleet and snow resistant there is no other oven you will need to cook delicious meals in your home.

Simple plug and pay. No curing.

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Alfa Pizza Domo...

Domo with stand The next-generation pizza oven. Performs very well in small spaces. Domo is the garden gas-burning oven specifically designed for those who cannot use fi... more