Alfa Pizza Ciao On Cart Wood Burning Pizza Oven M


Alfa Pizza Forno Ciao On Cart FORCIAO Wood Burning Pizza Oven


It can be mounted right away, heats up in a few minutes and can be moved wherever you want, to your garden or terrace. The stainless steel vault allows for the right temperature to be reached with little wood; the heat accumulates and keeps for the cooking time. It is durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Available in three different colours, green, grey and yellow..

  1. The Ciao oven can be assembled in a few easy steps without the need for tools.
  2. The cooking floor of the Ciao oven is made of refractory material like pizzeria ovens.
  3. The Ciao oven uses Forninox technology, an Alfa Pizza patent.
  4. The ignition of the oven is very fast, the temperature exceeds 300°C in 10 minutes.
  5. The Ciao oven can bake up to 30 pizzas and about 1 kg of bread per hour.
  6. Thanks to its big wheels, it can be moved easily in the garden without a problem.
  7. Pizza oven also available as a bench top model. Just remove the legs and place in-situ.


Full Description

Alfa Forno Ciao Wood Burning Pizza Oven On Cart – Yellow: Hand crafted in Italy, Alfa pizza ovens combine old world methods with the latest technology to meet the needs of any at home chef. The Forno Ciao pizza oven uses Forninox technology, an Alfa Pizza patent, that allows you to reach desired cooking temperatures with very little fuel in ten minutes. Cook an 18-inch pizza right next to the fire which gives it the flavour and aroma of wood. The dome is made of powder-coated stainless steel and the cooking floor is made of

The dome is made of powder-coated stainless steel and the cooking floor is made of refractory material to help store and retain heat while cooking. The high and spherical shape of the dome allows the heat to remain trapped and cook your food evenly while the built-in thermometer allows you to monitor internal temperatures.

The base features two wheels so you can easily move the oven around your patio. With no curing needed, you can cook anything in your Alfa pizza oven that you would normally cook in your kitchen oven including roasts, vegetables, potatoes and desserts!