Alfa Pizza Domo GAS burning pizza oven Top

Product Description

Domo Top

The next-generation pizza oven. Performs very well in small spaces.

Domo is the garden gas-burning oven specifically designed for those who cannot use firewood but for anything would stop enjoying outdoor cooking.

Available with or without base.
  • simple, clean-cut design with a painted grey dome and a satin steel front embellished with an ergonomic stainless-steel knob to easily adjust the flame according to the cooking temperature.
  • The combustion chamber has a refractory cooking floor that retains heat and releases it slowly during cooking.
  • Lightweight and easy to move thanks to its wheels and its side handle, Domo is the next-generation pizza oven that performs very well in small spaces.
  • Equipped with the handy BBQ 500, the Domo oven doubles as a terrific barbecue to completely enjoy outdoor cooking in the spirit of conviviality and good taste.
  • Perfect for cooking two pizzas at once, bread, sweets and other dishes, the Domo gas-fired oven is available in methane (NG) or LPG.



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