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Alfa Commercial Authentic Italian Neopolitan Oven

Alfa Napoli Reractory Brick Neopolitan style pizza oven

If your Authentic italian pizza then this oven will help you create it, with the looks to show.

Ranging from 90cm to 150cm internal & wood and gas fired its the only oven that you will need….

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Product Description

 NAPOLI – Neopolitan style pizza oven

Entirely handmade following the Italian tradition at its purest.

Internal diameter: from 90 to 150 cm
Weight: from 1200 Kg
Pizza capacity: from 3 to 8 pizzas

Fuel: Gas or wood.
Color: Mosaic customizable on demand

The Napoli artisanal oven was designed and manufactured by using “cotto” refractory bricks produced directly by Alfa Ref.

• Dome and external hood in hand-shaped bricks.
• Oven floor made of Alfa Ref’s “cotto” refractory bricks.
• External coating customizable on demand.
• Removable supporting stand in reinforced iron.
• Alfa Ref’s Firebricks crown.
• Alfa Ref’s cast-iron arch.
• 2 cm (0,78 in) lava stone landing.
• Available in wood or gas-fired options.

Wood consumption – 7 kg/h (15,43 lbs/h)
Recommended operating temperature   – 400/450°C    752-842°F
Flue Ø 250 mm (9,84 in)
Nominal heat output 25000 Kcal – 29 kW
Maximum heat output 29000 Kcal – 34 kW
Smoke temperature 190°C Exhaust
Smoke flow   800 Mc/h (on ignition)    650 Mc/h (at full speed)
Smoke exhaust Natural draft

Additional Information

Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 180 x 180 x 210 cm

Arco Pizza al metro, Pizza al metro 160, Pizza al metro 140


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