Alfa Opera Pizza Woodfired oven PRO SERIES Wood


Product Description

Music of the customer’s palate

Essential in the forms the Opera professional oven fits easily in the best locales that make the show their strength.


Technology and tradition blend together to create the first true Opera of wood burning ovens.

With a capacity of up to 8 pizzas and excellent production capacity, this oven with refractory cotto gives the spectacle of fire and authenticity of the food cooked in wood.

AHT technology meets all needs of all premises that require an oven resistant, technological and Tricks.

The base of the oven in the photos is demonstrative. It is sold separately from the oven as an accessory.

The flue and chiminey top in the photos are demonstrative.They are not included with the oven and are sold separately as accessories.

Available in the wood fired version.

LPG and natural gas versions available 


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