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Pavesi Joy140 Commercial Prefabricated Pizzeria oven Gas adaptable

Product Description


Perfectly circular with a maximum capacity between 8 and 10 pizzas.

Exceptional performance, compact size, power consumption in line with our traditional ovens, perfect baking for the entire evening. Designed to provide a working tool of the highest standard but still unique, because it is strongly characterized in terms of aesthetics, almost a piece of design. Joy cover can be customized as desired, by choosing the finish that will make its look unique and exclusive. It can be colored with washable paint, plastered in order to obtain a concrete touch, or tiled with mosaics or natural stones.
The oven has been specifically designed for being used also outdoors.

All Pavesi ovens are MADE IN ITALY by hand, with care, using traditional methods and the highest quality refractory materials and insulators. All Pavesi Ovens are CE and UL conform.

The cooktop is made in a single refractory block with a thickness of 7 cm and an average weight of 250 Kg.

Pavesi ovens are assembled and operational within 24 hours, so they can be installed on the day off. The oven is lit and running in just 15-20 minutes as its special insulation keeps almost the same  temperature of the evening before.
Its perfect insulation also makes it possible to keep the optimum working temperature, with consequent significant energy savings.

Pavesi ovens can be moved from one room to another using a Hand pallet or fork lift whenever necessary, or, if the business changes premises, they can be disassembled and reassembled by the new location. Since they are removable and not set permanently into the building, they do not require any particular permits for installatio

About Pavesi Italy…

Our Company


Since 1969, Pavesi Srl has been involved in the production and laying of refractory and insulating materials on ceramic, glass and foundry ovens.

Thanks to the acquired know-how, Pavesi Srl has been building in Italy and marketing all over the world for over 30 years professional wood and gas ovens for pizzerias and bakeries.

Each Pavesi oven comes from the Italian tradition and our long experience of craftsmanship. Each oven is built entirely by hand using the highest quality materials in order to ensure stability and the control of every single element. Each oven is made to last, to ensure the best performance and obtain excellent energy saving.


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