Introducing the Billy smoker outdoor fireplace cooker

3 in 1 Fireplace - Rotisserie - Pizza oven

Proudly made in Australia

Born from the campfire our mission is to create an authentic Australian wood cooking experience. Our multicultural nation combines techniques passed down through generations honing their craft while gazing into the flame.

It is no new philosophy that cooking brings people together. Across time, across cultures, bringing family and friends together involves – perhaps requires – food. Favourite family dishes become famous family dishes, replicated and re-imagined for generations to enjoy.

The fundamental element – fire!

While new ways of cooking have and will be engineered, fire offers more. Fire is primal, has supported our very existence and still offers a genuine charm, warmth and romance like nothing else.

As wood crackles in our ears we find ourselves mesmerised by the flame and a smokey aroma foreshadowing the good food to come. Our senses are fully engaged with this natural phenomenon. We have been perfecting the art of cooking on flame for aeons, however our own generation seems to be losing this knowledge, opting for convenience over substance. We believe in bringing food back to its roots. It is there you will find flavours and textures unachievable by other means. 





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Smoker Box

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slimspit attachment

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