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What Makes A Perfect Slice Of Pizza?

Pizza was invented by using these dome-shaped ovens and, while plenty of foods can be cooked in conventional ovens, pizza simply isn’t one of them. There’s a good chance you’re reading this post because you’ve tried numerous times to make a pizza in your conventional oven, and failed. It’s because conventional ovens simply can’t reach the optimal pizza-cooking temperature of between 350-400 degrees Celsius. Wood-fired ovens result in the perfect slice of pizza.

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The Benefits of Wood Fired Cooking

One of the benefits of wood-fired cooking, which no other modern method has even come close in emulating, is the flavour. There’s no other way to infuse your food with smoky, charcoal flavours, giving every dish a rustic, wholesome feel. One benefit of wood-fired food is that it uses zero oil or fat in order to cook it – instead, it bakes your food using hot air. This reduces the fat content of foods that are typically fried

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What Is The Secret To Thin Crust Pizza?

To make a perfectly thin pizza crust, you need a perfectly thin rollout of your dough. Your dough needs to be thinner than you’d usually make it, which involves a couple of specific steps. We use much less sauce because the thin base and crust can’t manage the weight of lots of sauce, and will become soggy excess sauce is used. Another secret to making thin-crust pizza is to choose light toppings over heavy ones.

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What Is The Secret To Good Homemade Pizza?

You can’t make a good, homemade pizza unless you’re using a proper wood-fired pizza oven. In fact, you’re probably reading this post because you’ve tried time and time again to make a pizza in your conventional oven, but to no avail. Conventional ovens simply can’t cook pizza, because they can’t reach the optimal pizza-cooking temperature of between 350-400 degrees Celsius. Your previous pizza attempts in your conventional oven either turned out undercooked and doughy, or burned to a crisp. Using a wood-fired oven is the secret

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How Long Does It Take To Cook A Pizza In A Wood Fired Oven?

The cooking process is actually the quickest part of preparing a homemade pizza in your wood-fired oven. It generally doesn’t take longer than two minutes depending on how hot your oven is and how large your pizzas are. Of course, there are other processes that need to be done before the pizza goes into your oven, so let’s work backwards from here.

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Is Wood Fired Food Healthy?

While the answer is more complex than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, wood-fired food is generally a much healthier option than other ways of cooking. It means that, essentially, we’ve outsmarted that ‘tasty-to-healthy’ inverted relationship. Wood-fired ovens bake your food, using zero oil or fat to get the your food to its state of utmost flavourful-ness. Your wood-fired oven cooks food faster than your average oven, thanks to the higher temperatures.

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Why Does Wood-Fired Pizza Taste Better?

Using wood-fired ovens is the traditional way of cooking pizza, which originated from Italy more than 1000 years ago. Here are five reasons why cooking with a wood-fired pizza oven today remains the superior option.

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Is Beer or Wine better with Pizza

It’s an age old question. Which alcoholic beverage goes best with pizza? The answer is not particularly easy – and a lot of it depends on personal preference, as well as what type of pizza you are cooking

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How to Cook Chicken in a Pizza Oven

With a wood-fired pizza oven you can cook up the most delicious roast chicken dinner you’ll ever make. Roasting a chicken in a conventional electric kitchen oven simply does not compare to the taste and texture of a chicken that has been cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven.

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