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Ever sat in a pizza restaurant, looking at your watch and thinking, ‘What’s taking them so long?!’

Trust us: we get exactly how you feel. And not because we’re difficult or demanding customers, but because pizza shouldn’t take 20 minutes to serve up at a restaurant. It should take far less time than that.

So, if you’ve ever waited more than 10 minutes for your pizza to be served at a restaurant, today, we’ll give you even more reasons to never go to that place again and instead make your very own pizza restaurant at home. Here’s how long it usually takes to make a pizza in a wood-fired oven:

The cooking process: under two minutes

The cooking process is actually the quickest part of preparing a homemade pizza in your wood-fired oven. It generally doesn’t take longer than two minutes depending on how hot your oven is and how large your pizzas are. Of course, there are other processes that need to be done before the pizza goes into your oven, so let’s work backwards from here.

Heating the pizza stone: about 10 minutes

Preheating the pizza stone is essential when using a wood-fired oven to make pizza. The pizza stone has to be nice and hot, preventing your dough from sticking to it and burning, or turning out undercooked. Once your oven is sitting at 400 degrees Celsius, it’s time to preheat the pizza stone for about 10 minutes.

Heating the oven: 30-60 minutes

It can take anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes to heat your pizza oven up to 350-400 degrees Celsius.

Building the fire: 3-5 minutes

The fire has to be built, taking about 3 minutes if using fire lighters and only slightly longer if building it from scratch.

Making the pizza: about 20-30 minutes

And, before anything else, you have to make and prepare the pizza itself. A combination of kneading the dough and adding your favourite toppings usually takes about 20-30 minutes, which only gets quicker as you get more experienced in it.

The takeaway

While cooking a pizza in a wood-fired oven doesn’t take long at all, there are a few processes that increase the amount of time it takes. From start to finish, the pizza-making process shouldn’t take too long at all: between 60 and 90 minutes.

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