The Maestre Wood fired Oven

The Miguel Maestre inspired cooking experience

Proudly made in

Having worked for many years in various kitchens around the world, Miguel Maestre is one talented Spaniard who has made Sydney his home. Born in Murcia in the south of Spain, his love for food was pre-determined from a young age. Miguel’s passion for food and life is infectious, and he has developed a talent for incorporating Spanish ingredients and cooking styles into his Australian menus.  Using his vast experience in collaboration with ” The Woodfired co” to help develop a wood fired oven named the ” Maestre” to share with you his passions for wood fired cooking.

The Maestre Wood fired Oven

Our best oven yet, Perfectly compact for small spaces with a unbeatable cooking performance, This oven comes in a DIY kit form for assembly on site, with UNBEATABLE FEATURES.

Priced at $2999 for the kit

  • Modern design fitting for any home
  • 2 pizza capacity
  • 1 piece chamber with no joins
  • 48hr heat retention
  • Black Granite entry
  • 316 stainless front, door and flue which will never rust
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 piece toolset with each oven, Pizza peel, spinner & brush
  • 50mm cooking floor tiles for the hottest base
  • Fits on a 1mtr square base
  • Weather proof design for harsh Australian climate
  • Pizza cooking performance of 90 seconds



The Technical stuff

Whats in the kit

  • 1 piece refractory cast chamber
  • 50mm floor tiles PRECUT
  • Front stainless steel Arch
  • Front entry granite plate
  • Stainless steel door with temperature probe
  • 450mm flue pipe and hat painted black
  • Refractory blanket to keep it snug and warm
  • 3 piece toolset stainless steel. Pizza peel, spinner & brush
  • High temperature mortar
  • calcium silicate board underfloor insulation
  • High temperature paint can for touching up

We provide all the building materials in this kit to complete the oven except chicken wire and Render. The render is a simple mix of sand and cement and clay (provided) which is available from any hardware store. 

The chicken wire is used to hold the insulation blanket and it gives a base for the render to stick to.