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Perfection is something we strive for in everything. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ice cream flavour for dessert tonight, or the perfect first home to invest in, there’s no better feeling than getting it right – whatever ‘it’ may be.

Today, we’re focussing on the perfect pizza slice, what that means and what that entails. While for you, it may be putting pineapple on your pizza (not our vibe, but whatever floats your boat), we’ll unpack this idea a bit further, discussing the nitty gritty.

Using a wood-fired oven

You can’t make a perfect slice of pizza unless you have the perfect instrument to make it… and that would be where the wood-fired oven enters the picture. Pizza was invented by using these dome-shaped ovens and, while plenty of foods can be cooked in conventional ovens, pizza simply isn’t one of them. There’s a good chance you’re reading this post because you’ve tried numerous times to make a pizza in your conventional oven, and failed.

But this has nothing to do with your culinary skills; we’re sure you’re more than capable. It’s because conventional ovens simply can’t reach the optimal pizza-cooking temperature of between 350-400 degrees Celsius. Your previous pizza attempts in your conventional oven either turned out undercooked and doughy, or burned to a crisp. Wood-fired ovens result in the perfect slice of pizza.

Quality toppings

Perfect pizza slices often are made with the perfect ingredients. High quality tomato paste, cheese and toppings can absolutely make your pizza the slice of heaven that it is. This is especially important when you’re opting for a simple recipe with minimal toppings, like a margarita or a New York pepperoni. Choose the fancy mozzarella, tomato paste and high-end meat – you’ll thank us for this later. And don’t forget the fresh herbs!


You can’t forget the dough when making the perfecting slice of pizza… literally, you’d be making some kind of weird salad without it. Perfecting your dough is arguably the most important part of making a great pizza slice. While there are hundreds of dough recipes online, we encourage you to practise, alter and perfect your dough, finding which recipe works for you the best.

You should even do a series of trial doughs and cook them in your oven, without any flavours or toppings, to assess your dough on its individual flavour and texture. By the time you nail your dough, you’ll be ready to take on any pizza recipe!

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