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Everybody has a secret recipe that has been passed down the line for generations, landing right in your lap. You guard that recipe like it was your own child, and are reluctant to tell even your closest of friends about it.

But the team at Sydney Fire Bricks have nothing to gain by holding onto their secret family pizza recipes. In fact, they want to share their knowledge with the world, to restore pizza to its former glory.

Here, we consult the pizza masters at Sydney Fire Bricks and tell you the secrets to good homemade pizza.

1) The oven

The first secret is actually quite obvious. And yes, it’s 100% true: you can’t make a good, homemade pizza unless you’re using a proper wood-fired pizza oven. In fact, you’re probably reading this post because you’ve tried time and time again to make a pizza in your conventional oven, but to no avail.

It’s not your fault. Conventional ovens simply can’t cook pizza, because they can’t reach the optimal pizza-cooking temperature of between 350-400 degrees Celsius. Your previous pizza attempts in your conventional oven either turned out undercooked and doughy, or burned to a crisp. Using a wood-fired oven is the secret.

2) Perfecting the crust

When starting out on your pizza-making journey, it’s common to make mistakes with your crust. Make sure you build the crust up around the edges of the dough. This results in a pizza crust that’s light and airy, chewy on the inside but crispy on the outside.

3) The pizza stone

You can invest in the best wood-fired pizza oven in the world – but if you don’t have a pizza stone, it’ll be practically useless. The pizza stone is another secret to any wood-fired pizza, including the ones you make at home.

Preheating your pizza stone for 10 minutes when your wood-fired oven reaches 400 degrees Celsius is absolutely essential to the success of your homemade pizza. This allows your pizza base to be cooked perfectly. Without preheating the pizza stone, your base will either be undercooked (because it didn’t cook properly within the two minutes’ cooking time) or burnt (because you had to keep it in for longer than necessary).

4) Patience

Patience is the secret ingredient to most things – and pizza is no different. It may take you a few tries to perfect your pizza recipe… you just have to be patient and persistent.

Now that you now the secrets to homemade pizza, we’ll reveal the secret to buying a top level pizza oven: head to Sydney Fire Bricks! They’re Australia’s best manufacturers of high quality pizza ovens. Their wide range of Aussie-built pizza ovens spans from the small to the large so, regardless of your needs, they have the perfect oven for you. Built from the best quality refractory bricks, by the most experienced pizza oven builders, Sydney Fire Bricks deliver outstanding ovens at value prices. Browse their online catalogue or get in touch with the team!

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