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Thinking about taking the plunge and buying your very own pizza oven to add a little extra ‘gourmet’ to your life? Here are five things you need to know first.

1. Pizza ovens come in different shapes and types

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ pizza oven. In fact, at Sydney Fire Bricks we stock five different types of consumer pizza ovens, which come in a range of styles and sizes. For those looking for an easy set-up and a pizza oven that has a fast heat up time, our range of Napoli pizza ovens are pre-built, portable and ready to start cooking in 30 minutes. Our Calabrese wood fired pizza ovens feature a 100mm think chamber design which delivers outstanding heat retention. The ‘Maestre wood fired oven’ is inspired by international chef Miguel Maestre and features a one-piece chamber with no joins and a compact and modern design. However, for the ultimate cooking experience you can’t go past brick wood fired pizza ovens, which are a delight to cook in and deliver the ultimate authentic wood fired taste. We also stock outdoor fireplace cookers which include in-built pizza ovens and baking trays. Whether you only need to cook one pizza or want the ability to cook up to 13 at a time, we have got a solution for you.

2. There may be a little DIY set up involved

With the exception of our ready-to-cook Napoli pizza ovens and fireplace cookers, all our pizza ovens come in the form of DIY – or ‘do it yourself’ – kits. Don’t worry, because we supply just about everything you need to set up your new pizza oven in your backyard, with everything pre-cut so you can get cooking in no time. Most importantly, we also provide quality instructions in plain English to guide you through the process. But if you’re not confident in your handy work, we can also provide installation of our brick pizza ovens for those living in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Darwin and the Gold Coast. Just contact us for a quote.

3. Quality counts

Our wood fired pizza ovens, brick pizza ovens and fireplace cookers are all proudly made in Australia, while our range of Napoli pizza ovens come with a five-year Australia-wide warranty. Cheap, imported pizza ovens simply don’t compare on useability or taste. Many of them are also not designed and built for tough Aussie conditions like our range of pizza ovens are. Our wood fired pizza overs and brick pizza ovens are suitable to be exposed in direct weather, whether it be rain, snow, wind or extreme heat. With quality like that, you’ll be enjoying delicious home-cooked pizzas for many years to come.

4. Cleaning is a breeze

Every time you use a barbecue, there is a fair bit of cleaning to do afterwards. Pizza ovens are easier and are regarded as ‘self-cleaning’ cooking appliances. If your pizza oven does get particularly dirty, give it a clean once it has completely cooled down. You can use a brush and scraper, while a little bit of white vinegar and a cloth can also work well.

5. All your friends are going to want to come around for dinner!

Expect to have your friends inviting themselves around once your new pizza oven is all set up in your backyard. It’s hard to beat the taste of a quality, home-cooked pizza from a wood-fired pizza oven.

If you are planning to throw a pizza party, fire up the oven in advance and keep your fuel supply constant to ensure you can quickly churn out some delicious pizzas once your guests arrive.

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