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DEFINITION (RAW) – Means the ovens chamber comes uncasted and casting is to be made ontop of the floor tiles on your base.

This is a real DIY kit,. This oven kit has been developed for the person who like getting their hands dirty ! All the firebricks come cut and shaped though you will need to Cast your own chamber over a sand mold to create a 1 piece chamber. Then you can really say you have done DIY !


  • Internal cooking floor size 750mm wide x 1150mm Long x 400mm High
  • External dimensions: 1200mm wide x 1400mm Long x 600mm High
  • Ideal base size : 1200mm wide x 1500mm Long x 950mm High
  • Weight: DIY kit – 480kgs, finished on slab – 550kgs
  •  Capacity – 4 x 300mm pizzas at a time
  • Heating time – 0 – 400 degrees = 30 mins

for full specifications and pricelist please download here :

Calabrese Dimensions Final June 2015

Oven kit consists of:

  • 50mm Calcium silicate hard Underfloor insulation
  • 50mm PRECUT cooking floor tiles
  • 8 x  Bags Patracast 13
  • Insulation Blanket 50mm – (Ceramic fibre blanket)
  • FRONT flue arch firebricks PRECUT
  • CNC precut front arch template
  • Mortar TUB
  • Black steel door with temp probe
  • 900 x 150mm Stainless steel flue with rain hat
  • Detailed instructions

This kit comes with a 1 YEAR material defects warranty

Please note: The only thing we dont supply is the Wire and Render otherwise the kit is complete to build. The render and chicken wire are available at any hardware store for less than $40 -Brickies sand & cement mix is fine.

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