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It’s the eternal question. One that has divided human beings since the dawn of time. Nope, it’s not crunchy vs smooth peanut butter… we’re sure you can find lots of debate about that on Reddit. What we’re talking about is the question of brick or stainless steel for your pizza oven.

We’re going to look at all the pros and cons of each pizza oven material to try and work out which one is best for your backyard. We’ll also tell you where to go to get the best outdoor pizza ovens in town.


Brick has been used for making pizza ovens for hundreds of years. It’s the original and, some would say, the best!


Stainless steel

In recent years, stainless steel pizza ovens have gained popularity.


Know which pizza oven material is best for your backyard? When you’ve decided that the winner is most definitely brick (yeah, we’re a bit biased), chat to the team at Sydney Fire Bricks! They make Australia’s best pizza ovens from Australia’s finest refractory bricks. They deliver Australia-wide, so check out their range and start your journey to becoming a pizza-making pro.

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