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Standing out from the crowd is something that most businesses endeavour to achieve. We want to make our business different and unique. We want it to reflect our quirks and personalities… even our own flaws (in a tasteful manner, of course). So, what are some creative ways to set your restaurant apart? Let’s take a look and go through some genius methods of making your restaurant really stand out from the crowd.

Add something different to the menu

OK, this may seem like a copout, but being a trendsetter in the menu department is a vital part of making your restaurant stand out. Think about how avocado, quinoa or cauliflower each got a massive glow up in the 2010s. How did this happen? It didn’t just happen on its own. A clever restaurateur utilised these delicious foods, marketed them to perfection and made them trendy. All of a sudden, these foods were popping up everywhere! And they still are today.

Think deeply about the design

Most of the best-performing restaurants have deeply structured designs. When you go into a trendy café and they’re using old jars as smoothie glasses and mismatched tables to sit at, this isn’t a sign of laziness; on the contrary, it’s a thoroughly planned, creative way of setting this restaurant apart and adding its own quirky vibe. Think about whether you want a quirky set-up like this, or a more formal and prestigious set-up for your restaurant.

Add a unique theme

In America, there is a restaurant where they specialise in bad service. Yep, we said it – bad service. The waiting staff are incredibly rude and insulting. They basically throw your food at you and the whole atmosphere is chaotic and hilarious. Why would people go here, you ask? Who knows! But the point is, they’ve done something creative and different and it’s totally working for them.

Where will you place the pizza oven?

One way to really set a pizza restaurant apart is to think about the placement of the pizza oven. Popular spots are in the corner so that everyone can see your pizzas being made, or simply against a wall in the kitchen to save space. Outdoor pizza ovens have also become increasingly popular. On a warm night, it’s lovely for your guests to spend it outside, watching their pizzas being crafted right in front of their eyes.

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