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Pizza shops have become a staple in the Australian restaurant scene. Every major city in Australia has a string of great pizza restaurants that each have their own little vibe about them. Some are designed in the traditional Italian pizzeria style, and others have a slightly trendier take on it – for example, a semi-dingy New York style pizza bar. While both options have their own charm, you’ve got to ask yourself a few questions before you decide on the design of your pizza shop. Let’s take a look at some considerations when thinking about design ideas for your pizza shop.

How big is the space?

This is the thing to consider when choosing the design for your pizza shop large spaces can accommodate for more tables and possibly a larger pizza oven. Takeaway order and delivery services are something that should also be factored into the equation. These are a huge part of being a restaurant in this day and age.

Where will you place the pizza oven?

Pizza shop designs are significantly influenced by the placement of the pizza oven. Popular spots are in the corner so that everyone can see your pizzas being made, or simply against a wall in the kitchen to save space. Outdoor pizza ovens have also become increasingly popular. On a warm night, it’s lovely for your guests to spend it outside, watching their pizzas being crafted right in front of their eyes.

Work out a budget

Work out an appropriate budget for designing your pizza shop. The smaller your place, the more you may be able to spend on decorating and designing the space. Larger restaurants may be made to feel more open and formal rather than cosy and quaint.

Pizza oven manufacturer

Now we come to the most important part: who’s going to build your pizza oven? There’s a lot riding on the quality of your oven, so it’s important you choose a quality manufacturer. This way, you know that your oven is built from quality materials and is built to last, being able to produce thousands of pizzas without any hassle. Going with a local means there are no headaches in setting it up and your pizza oven technicians will be with you, every step of the way. Plus, every dollar stays right here in Australia, stimulating our economy.

When designing your pizza shop, the first team of experts you should consult is Sydney Fire Bricks. They have built commercial ovens for countless pizza shops, greatly influencing the design of the whole shop. Whether you’re after a kitchen oven, an outdoor oven, or something different, Sydney Fire Bricks can help you out. For the best quality ovens Australia has to offer, contact the team at Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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