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When it comes to wood-fired pizza ovens, size matters. Let’s face it – there’s no point in getting a wood-fired pizza oven if the only pizza it can produce is the fun-size cheese pizza on the kids’ menu of a restaurant. You want to be able to feed your whole family and the guests you’ve invited to entertain. So, how small is too small and how big is too big? In this article, we’ll walk you through exactly what you need to know when it comes to how big your wood-fired pizza oven should be.

How big is your setting?

The first thing you have to consider when asking how big your wood-fired pizza oven should be, is the size of the area in which you’re going to use it. Put it this way: you can’t store a Mack truck in the average suburban garage. This means you can’t buy the biggest wood-fired pizza oven if you’ve only got an outdoor area limited in space.

For smaller areas, a pizza oven size of around 120cm deep and 85cm wide would be ideal. This allows for nicely sized pizzas to be made in a compact environment. Larger areas could accommodate for a larger pizza oven – something around the 140cm by 95cm mark. This size of wood-fired pizza oven would be perfect for regular home entertainers or avid pizza enthusiasts. Then, if your home allows for it, the bigger size of pizza oven is around the 180cm by 120cm mark. This is the ideal size for you if you have a larger outdoor area, you want your house to be known as ‘pizza heaven’ and you have many mouths to feed.

How do I cater for this?

When looking for your dream wood-fired pizza oven, it’s important you find a retailer that offers a few different sizes and styles. This way, you can be sure to get the right size for you: not just the size they want to sell you. Having different options for how big your pizza oven should be, means that it won’t matter whether you’ve got a small outdoor courtyard or a big backyard – there’ll always be a perfect pizza oven for you. Sydney Fire Bricks have a range of different sized wood-fired pizza ovens, catering for everyone’s pizza oven needs.

If you’re still not sure what the perfect size of pizza oven is for you, talk to the team at Sydney Fire Bricks. They’re Sydney’s expert team of pizza oven manufacturers, handling domestic and commercial pizza oven builds. Sydney Fire Brick pizza ovens are made in Australia, for Australia – they’re built to withstand harsh Australian conditions. So, for a lifetime of pizza-making, get in touch with the team at Sydney Fire Bricks and check out their range of ovens today.

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