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For hundreds and hundreds of years, pizza ovens have been the most effective way of cooking pizza. The design has changed very little since its creation, apart from one main factor: weight. Pizza ovens have traditionally weighed a tonne. After all, they’re basically a big pile of bricks! But in recent years, and especially with the development of outdoor pizza ovens, they’ve become lighter in weight and easier to transport. In this post, we’ll walk you through all your options when it comes to the weight of outdoor pizza ovens.


Traditionally, indoor pizza ovens have never been built to be moved. They were built for a restaurant and they’d stay there forever. Fair enough, when you’re churning out hundreds of pizzas every week and you won’t need to transport the oven anywhere. But the beauty of outdoor pizzas is that you can get the same result as an amazingly cooked pizza without the hassle of a hefty, immovable pizza oven. You’ll find that outdoor pizza ovens are a lot more convenient due to their weight.

Heavier outdoor options

Brick has been the classic choice of material for pizza ovens, pretty much forever. It allows for high heat to cook your pizzas and can retain heat for a long time. Although brick is a heavy material, modern designs allow for the easy transport and assembly of brick pizza ovens. This means that your brick pizza oven can be delivered to your door, transported to your outdoor area and be assembled with minimal fuss.

Lightweight outdoor options

A more contemporary and lightweight option, which is becoming increasingly popular, is the stainless-steel pizza oven. Stainless steel makes a great pizza oven material for a few different reasons. It’s definitely lighter and easier to transport than a brick pizza oven and simpler to assemble as well. Sydney Fire Bricks manufactures a range of lightweight steel pizza ovens which are perfect for easy assembly and transportation. Another perk of the stainless-steel outdoor pizza oven is its low maintenance. Stainless steel is an easy-to-clean material, which is why it’s been used in commercial kitchens since the 1930s. Pizza ovens naturally require cleaning after use, due to the oils and smoke produced within the oven. For a lightweight and low maintenance pizza oven, stainless steel is a great option for you.

As you can see, we’ve come a long way in determining how heavy an outdoor pizza oven is. Whether you go with brick or stainless steel, your outdoor pizza oven will be a lot easier to transport and assemble than an indoor one. Sydney Fire Bricks are your specialists in manufacturing outdoor pizza ovens. They create pizza ovens for both domestic and commercial use and have a range of different sizes and styles. Check out their range or get in touch with the team at Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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