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Getting tired of not being able to make the perfect pizza? Don’t worry, it literally has nothing to do with you. We’re confident in your pizza abilities, and you should be too. Because the reason you can’t quite nail that margarita or Hawaiian pizza recipe lies in the fact that you don’t own the perfect pizza oven! If you’re ready to step up and take your cooking to the next level, here’s a little guide on how to choose the perfect pizza oven.

1) The size

Choosing the perfect pizza oven has a lot to do with getting the size right. Ask yourself these questions before buying a pizza oven: How much outdoor space do you have? How many people in your family? How often do you entertain guests? These questions will lead you to choose a pizza oven of a specific size. Small pizza ovens range from about 60-80cm in diameter whereas large ones can go up to 130cm in diameter. Small ovens usually fit 2-3 pizzas while the bigger models can fit from 7-9 pizzas.

2) Which material?

The second most important consideration: which material suits you the best? While brick and stone make the most efficient ovens, retaining up to 85 per cent of the heat, they also need a little more maintenance. Stainless steel is another option and, although it doesn’t retain a consistent temperature as well as brick does, it’s said to be easier to clean and maintain.

3) Quality of the brick

We reckon brick is always the way to go. But you’ve got to make sure that the bricks are up to scratch. These bricks should be made from high quality clay. They should also have a high alumina content, which gives your oven heat-resistant qualities. 40% alumina content is a good benchmark and your oven should be rated to about 1500 degrees Celsius.

4) Fuel

How are you going to fire up your pizza oven? Do you prefer the traditional smoky flavours of wood-fired pizza? Some pizza maestros say that this is the only real way to create authentic Italian pizza. Or, are you going to be a cheater and use a gas-fired pizza oven? No, we’re only joking; gas-fired ovens can be more convenient, but they don’t give your pizza that authentic, smoky flavour.

5) Style

Don’t forget to choose a pizza oven that suits the atmosphere of your home! From classic designs to contemporary ones, it’s important to choose a pizza oven that fits the style of you and your entertaining area.

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