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There’s no better feeling than cooking with fire. As the very first method of cooking food, it’s a primal, ritualistic way of enjoying a meal – something that honours our ancestors from thousands of years ago. But aside from the sentimental stuff, cooking with fire is also one of the tastiest ways of enjoying food. With that smoky, charcoal-infused flavour, a wood-fired meal is in its own league of tasty. Before you’re enjoying a wood-fired pizza or a juicy cooked chicken in your pizza oven, you must lay down the refractory fire bricks. How do we do this?

DIY method

It’s possible to lay the refractory fire bricks yourself if you feel confident about it and if you’re generally quite handy with these sorts of things. This could be a good weekend project for you and the family, getting in a bit of team bonding and working together to create your special pizza oven. Laying refractory bricks involves mixing mortar, adding a skim coat and laying bricks to create a masterfully well-built pizza oven. You can check out a fantastic YouTube tutorial created by Fornieri Ovens using bricks and a precast oven by Sydney Fire Bricks. Simply head to the Sydney Fire Bricks website to view it.

Installation services

Alternatively, if you choose a quality fire brick company like Sydney Fire Bricks, they offer installation services across most states, including NSW, Victoria, Queensland and ACT. Hiring a professional to lay your refractory fire bricks comes with a number of advantages.


Laying refractory fire bricks may seem complicated for some, or it may seem really easy. But as long as you choose a highly regarded fire brick team like Sydney Fire Bricks, you’ll always be right as rain. Sydney Fire Bricks are Australia’s leading team in commercial and domestic pizza ovens, fireplace cookers and more. For the best quality ovens Australia has to offer, contact the team at Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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