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When you say the word ‘pizza oven’, it’s pretty obvious what they’re built for: making pizzas. It’s true that pizza ovens have been the best way of making pizzas for hundreds of years and, since their creation, no better way of pizza-making has been found. But what most people don’t know is that there are a range of other opportunities for cooking delicious meals in a pizza oven. You’ll find so many recipes online for outdoor pizza oven dishes! Let’s have a look at what else you can make in a pizza oven.


Being both healthy and delicious, seafood is at the top of our list for other foods you can make in a pizza oven. From perfectly cooked garlic prawns to crumbed calamari or your favourite fillet of fish, get out your lemon, salt, pepper, even some chilli oil, and go to town on your seafood banquet!

Roast veggies

Everybody wishes they could add a little more veg to their diet. With a pizza oven, this is made possible in the tastiest and most fun way possible. Roast veggies are the perfect side dish to your home-made pizza and due to the high heat, you’ll find that their nutrition is retained more than in a conventional oven. This is because they spend less time cooking.


A distant relative of pizza is the focaccia. It’s also something you can cook in your pizza oven. They’re similar in the sense that you choose whatever you want to put in them. Classic options include salmon and avocado and roast chicken and cheese – but most importantly, there are limitless options for focaccia-making in your pizza oven.


Steak fanatics will find that their dreams come true in a pizza oven. The high heat means you can sear your steaks perfectly and still get that juicy pink quality on the inside. There is a downside, however; you’ll probably refuse to have steak cooked in any other way ever again after you’ve had steak in a pizza oven.


Some desserts go down perfectly in the high temperature of a pizza oven. Deep dish treats are especially suitable for your pizza oven. Think of your favourite cheesecakes or other treats that are enhanced with a bit of charring. You’ll find heaps of fascinating and delicious dessert recipes for your pizza oven.

We’re running out of room on this page, so we’ll have to wrap it up here. But, clearly, there are lots of other options for culinary experimentation when it comes to cooking with your pizza oven. So, now the next step is to get yourself a pizza oven! Sydney Fire Bricks are the team for the job. They create the finest outdoor pizza ovens which are easy to install and maintain. Check out the range at Sydney Fire Bricks today!

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