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Some things get hyped up out of proportion. Take Tamagotchi’s, for example. They were all the rage in the 90s and 00s, and just about every kid had one. Good Lord were they annoying and if you were a parent at that time, you’re almost definitely glad that that craze blew over and that they aren’t a thing anymore.

Pizza ovens, on the other hand, can’t be included in that category of things that have been hyped up. Yes, they’re talked about a lot and we can rave on about them all day, but are they a fad? Well, no. Due to their popularity for about two thousand years, it’d be pretty safe to assume that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. What’s so special about them, and why have they been so popular for two whole millennia? Let’s talk about that more in this post.

High temperature

The main reason why pizza ovens are the best way of making pizza is due to their ability to produce high, consistent temperatures. The high heat means two things: your pizza cooks quickly and it remains crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Bellissima!


There’s one obvious way to tell whether a pizza was cooked in a proper pizza oven or not: the flavour. That smoky, charcoal flavour. You can’t get that in a deep-dish pizza that was made in a conventional oven. You can only get that in a wood-fired pizza.


Another thing that makes a pizza oven so special is the nutrients that are retained in your ingredients. Healthy toppings like capsicum, mushroom and artichoke are all popular on pizzas – but when you use a conventional oven which takes a while to cook your pizza, a lot of the nutrients in those toppings are lost. Pizza ovens cook at much higher temperatures, meaning your veggies spend less time in the oven and retain more nutrients. So, not only is it delish, but it’s also healthy!

Other cooking options

There’s a common misconception about pizza ovens: that you can only make pizza in them. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Pizza ovens are perfect for a range of other dishes: from seafood to vegetables, to steaks and desserts. The options for outdoor cooking when you invest in a pizza oven are far and wide.

There’s too much to talk about when explaining why a pizza oven is so special. We’ll leave the more advanced details to the experts at Sydney Fire Bricks. They’re specialist manufacturers of commercial and domestic pizza ovens and have an awesome range of styles and sizes, meaning you’ll find your perfect pizza oven at Sydney Fire Bricks. Check out their stunning range or have a chat with the Sydney Fire Bricks team today.

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