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For centuries, there was only one way to make pizza: in a pizza oven. Truth be told, it’s still the best way, although the option of cooking pizza using a conventional oven is now available. But a pizza made in a conventional oven will never have the same flavour or texture as one made in a good wood-fired pizza oven. Why is that? What makes pizza ovens so much better than conventional ovens? It’s a good question and we’ll address that in this article.

Conventional ovens can’t produce the same heat

Pizza ovens are better at making pizza, partly due to the consistent and high heat. Where a conventional oven may only reach 250 degrees, a wood-fired pizza oven can exceed 500 degrees. The high temperature and consistent spreading of the heat mean that your pizza is cooked to perfection from the edge to the centre.

A moist heat

Not only is the temperature high and consistent in a proper pizza oven, but it’s also a different kind of heat. You’ll find that the heat in a pizza oven has a lot more moisture to it than a conventional oven which allows your pizza to cook at high temperatures without drying out. This means your pizza is crunchy and crisp on the outside but moist and succulent on top. A dry pizza is a common problem with conventional ovens because of the dry heat they produce.

Nutritional benefits

Many argue that the reason pizza ovens are so much better than conventional ovens is due to the retaining of nutrients. Pizza ovens cook pizzas a lot quicker which means they spend less time in the heat, allowing more nutrients to be retained in your toppings. When you cook pizza in a conventional oven, on the other hand, much of the nutrients in your toppings such as mushroom, capsicum and spinach are lost.


Possibly the most obvious reason why pizza ovens are better: the unbeatable flavour. We could rant and rave about that wholesome, well-rounded charcoal flavour of a wood-fired pizza oven for pages and pages, but we won’t. We’ll simply say, if you haven’t tasted pizza from a proper pizza oven, we highly encourage you to do “research”. In other words, taste the damn pizza! You simply won’t look back after eating a traditional wood-fired pizza.

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