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We get what you’re thinking: you really want a pizza oven, but you’re worried that it might not be worth it. After all, you can only use it for making pizza right?

Nope, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find this is not true. Outdoor wood-fired ovens can be used to cook a heap of different mouth-watering, nutritious foods! Soon enough, you’ll be a pro at using your pizza oven to cook different foods. Start with these top 5 different dishes!


There’s nothing better than a classic Aussie roast – especially if you cook it in your pizza oven! Grab whatever you like for the roast, including lamb, beef and turkey combined with crisp veggies like broccoli, pumpkin, Brussels sprouts and any other family favourites. If you’re planning to host Easter or Christmas this year, then a pizza oven is well worth it.


Outdoor pizza ovens are perfect for making delicious, home-made bread! The high heat and wood-fired flavour is what makes your homemade bread taste rustic and authentic. Perfect your technique and then give a loaf of beautiful bread to your neighbours, friends and family. It’s such a simple and wholesome thing to do for them.


Picture this: you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean, say Portugal or Croatia. You’re sitting down with your friends and you’re about to enjoy the most beautiful, fresh fish you can imagine. Except, instead of being thousands of kilometres away, you can do this in your very backyard! Get a fillet of your favourite fish, season it with some pepper, lemon juice, salt, chilli, dill or even some capers. You won’t want to eat fish any other way.


Want to serve your guests the tastiest lunch food ever? Focaccias are the way to go! These traditional Italian sandwiches can be filled with your favourite toppings: salmon, avocado, turkey, mozzarella, pickled peppers: you name it.


You might not initially think it, but your pizza oven can even be used to make desserts. The key to making desserts in your pizza oven is to choose things that benefit from the wood-fired, smoky flavour. Think of things like cheesecakes and cooked fruits which make the perfect dessert for your pizza or roast. You’ll be giving those dessert chefs on TV a run for their money in no time.

You see? The options for cooking different foods in your pizza oven are endless. The best pizza ovens on the market are made by Sydney Fire Bricks. They’re Australia’s finest manufacturers of in commercial and domestic pizza ovens, fireplace cookers and more. They’ve got a range of options to suit every Aussie household! For the best quality Australian-made ovens, get in touch with Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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