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Pizza ovens have become a popular feature of Aussie homes right across the country. There’s nothing better than spending an evening outside, preparing delicious pizzas and then cooking them to perfection in your very own wood-fired pizza oven. But before you can enjoy a world-class pizza meal in your backyard, you have to complete the fitting and installing process first. For many people, this process is the most worrying part of investing in a pizza oven. Won’t it be super complex? Won’t it be outrageously expensive? Won’t it completely outweigh the pros of having a pizza oven? Luckily, the answer is no, no and no.

Doing it yourself

If you’re comfortable with building projects and are quite handy with this kind of work, then you are welcome to fit and install your pizza oven yourself. It’s a rewarding and valuable experience that can be done on a weekend, proving to be a stimulating project for you and your partner or family… you even get to pretend you’re on The Block!

A top-class pizza oven retailer, like Sydney Fire Bricks and their sister company The Wood Fired Co, will always provide clear instructions on the installation of your pizza oven. There’s even a handy little YouTube tutorial that goes for about 10 minutes – you can find it on the Sydney Fire Bricks website.

Professional installation

Sydney Fire Bricks also offer professional installation services across most states, including NSW, Victoria, Queensland and ACT. Hiring a professional to lay your refractory fire bricks comes with a number of advantages.

Fitting and installing your pizza oven may seem time-consuming, difficult and expensive at first, but if you choose the right pizza oven manufacturer, it really isn’t so hard! Sydney Fire Bricks are Australia’s leading team in commercial and domestic pizza ovens, fireplace cookers and more. They offer DIY installation on their ovens, or a professional technician is available to do the job for you. For the best quality ovens Australia has to offer, contact the team at Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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