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Enjoying the warm outside air over a glass wine with your friends; soaking up the evening light on a beautiful summer night; serving up mouth-watering meals, right in front of your guests’ eyes… what do you need to make this dream a reality?

An outdoor kitchen is what. They’re a dream for many homeowners who consider themselves expert hosts and active socialites. So, why let your perfect outdoor kitchen exist only in your head? Now’s the perfect time to make it happen, so that it’s ready for the warmer months.

Setting up your outdoor kitchen

But first, you need to plan the perfect set up for your outdoor kitchen. This is where you have to think logically and carefully, planning the right kitchen for the outdoor space you’re working with.

The good thing is that setting up your outdoor kitchen isn’t so different from setting up your indoor one. Think about it: you know exactly what works in your indoor kitchen and why. The sink is in a practical place, usually at the centre. Cupboards are close by and underneath the bench top. Your oven (or, in this case, wood-fired pizza oven) is also at the heart of operations. With this in mind, you can already start formulating an idea of how you want your outdoor kitchen to be set up.

Get some inspiration

Getting inspo is the first step when setting up your outdoor kitchen. Flick through Instagram or Pinterest to get some ideas for outdoor kitchens with wood-fired ovens, or talk to the team at Sydney Fire Bricks to see some examples of past work.

Choose the right wood-fired oven

Your wood-fired oven is the centre of your entire outdoor kitchen. It’s where the pizza gets perfectly crispy, where the roast meat gets tender and juicy and where the herbed potatoes get soft and buttery on the inside, while crunchy on the outside. So, it’s a pretty good place to start when planning your outdoor kitchen.

Sydney Fire Bricks: the range

Sydney Fire Bricks have a range of quality wood-fired pizza ovens. They come in various sizes to ensure that you maximise the outdoor space you’re working with. From their nimble 650mm Vesuvio model ovens, to their magnificent 1500mm Pompeii model brick ovens which fit a whopping 13 pizzas at a time, Sydney Fire Bricks focus on building the right pizza oven for the right space.

If you’re committed to make fantasy become reality by investing in an outdoor kitchen, start the conversation with the experts at Sydney Fire Bricks. They’re Australia’s finest manufacturer of premium grade wood-fired ovens, fire pits and smokers, delivering their products across the country. Browse the range and pick the perfect wood-fired oven to get the ball rolling on your dream outdoor kitchen.

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