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The moment you thought of it, you fell in love. And that feeling hasn’t subsided one bit. Yep – we’re talking about having your very own outdoor kitchen.

It’s a must-have investment for any host/hostess with the most/mostess. Not only will your outdoor kitchen bring endless opportunities for cosy winter get-togethers and long, summer-night soirees, but it’ll increase home value too.

There are a million reasons to install your own outdoor kitchen, but we’re guessing you’re not here to be convinced – you’re here to be inspired. So, without any further ado, here are some ideas for your perfect outdoor kitchen design.

Be inspired

Need a little something to spark your creativity? Flick through Instagram or Pinterest to get some ideas for outdoor kitchens with wood-fired ovens. There are so many different ideas to feast your eyes upon and admire, helping you shape some design ideas for your own outdoor kitchen.

Another smart move is to talk to the team at Sydney Fire Bricks. They’ll show you some examples of past work and illustrate how their quality wood-fired ovens have been used in outdoor kitchens across Australia.

Start with your wood-fired oven

The heart and soul of your outdoor kitchen is the wood-fired oven. It’s where the heavy lifting gets done, and the hearty food gets made. If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen design ideas, then choosing your wood-fired oven is a good place to start.

To do this, check out the range at Sydney Fire Bricks. From their nimble 650mm Vesuvio model ovens, to their magnificent 1500mm Pompeii model brick ovens which fit 13 pizzas at a time, Sydney Fire Bricks focus on building the right pizza oven for the right space.

Ideas for your outdoor kitchen

Lots of factors will influence the design of your outdoor kitchen, like space, budget and personal taste. You’ve got endless options, but we’ll list a few of our favourites below:

To make your outdoor kitchen happen, consult the experts at Sydney Fire Bricks. They’re Australia’s finest manufacturer of premium quality wood-fired ovens, fire pits and smokers, delivering their products across the country. Browse the range and pick the perfect wood-fired oven.

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