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Did you know there are 73 species of Siamese fighting fish? That’s a lot to keep track of. Especially when they all look the same and perform the same task, which is fighting other Siamese fighting fish. If you’re confused why you clicked on an article about pizza ovens and you’re now learning about Siamese fighting fish, we understand. Basically, the comparison is that all types of pizza ovens perform the same task too: but luckily, there aren’t 73 species of them. There are only a handful of different pizza ovens and we’ll discuss them in this post.

Wood-fired pizza ovens

If you’re a bit of a traditionalist, you might be most keen on a good, old-fashioned wood-fired pizza oven. The Italians have been using these bad boys for hundreds of years to make the pizza that we all know and love today. So, why change anything? Wood-fired ovens infuse your pizza with that lovely, charcoal, smoky flavour and can be used to make a ton of other foods. Ever tried baked fish in a wood-fired oven? Your tastebuds will explode with joy.

Gas-fired ovens

A more modern take on the wood-fired pizza oven is its contemporary cousin – the gas-fired pizza oven. Gas-fired ovens present a couple of perks over their older family members. For a start, you can simply switch them on and switch them off. They’re connected to your home and you don’t need to think about buying fire wood on a regular basis. Some say they’re also easier to clean, but this all comes down to the individual. While gas pizza ovens are a convenient way of cooking food, you don’t get the same rustic, traditional flavour which is apparent with wood-fired ovens.

Brick ovens

Brick is the classic material used for pizza ovens. It’s strong, sturdy, reliable and durable, so brick is an ideal material to use for the high heat of a pizza oven. Almost all brick ovens are powered by wood. They also look great in your outdoor area, giving your home a distinctly European vibe.

Stainless steel ovens

On the other side of the coin, you’ve got the more modern stainless steel pizza oven. These ovens look elegant and modern and are easy to clean. Stainless steel pizza ovens are often powered by gas and are used by thousands of Aussies households across the country.

We’re sorry we couldn’t educate you more about Siamese fighting fish, but happy that you learned something about the different types of pizza oven.  Whichever kind of pizza oven you’re into, get in touch with the guys at Sydney Fire Bricks. They specialise in creating some of the best outdoor cooking devices on the market, including pizza ovens, fire-pits and grills. They deliver Australia-wide too, so if you’re serious about pizza ovens, look no further than Sydney Fire Bricks!

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