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Getting tired of your regular oven? We get you. You’ve cooked hundreds, if not thousands of meals in your conventional oven and, while you’re grateful for the memories you’ve shared, you fear you’re missing out on something bigger and better. The truth is: you are. If you haven’t used a wood-fired pizza oven to make meals, then you simply haven’t lived. The smoky, wood-fired flavour takes your food to a whole new level of mouth-watering goodness. So, if you’ve been thinking of having a fling with an outdoor pizza oven for a while, it’s time to indulge yourself. Here’s a few of our favourite dishes to cook in your wood fired pizza oven.

Seasoned vegetables

This is a perfect side dish for your roast or pizza night. Roast veggies are a delicious way to get more health into your life, and they cook well in an outdoor wood-fired oven. You can cook all sorts of veggies in your pizza oven – broccolini, pumpkin, potato, capsicum, onion, Brussels sprouts – basically, whatever you like.


They’re warm, wholesome and tasty and even their name is fun to say: focaccias! Choose classic fillings like turkey and mozzarella or salmon and avocado. Then get your dough, bake it in the wood-fired oven and enjoy a beautiful home-cooked lunch.

Beer can chicken

Love a cooked chook? This is method of cooking the classic Australian roast chicken will blow your mind… and your tastebuds! Use one third of a light-bodied Aussie beer, stick the chicken on the can and place it into your wood-fired oven so that it’s standing upright on the can. Wait until your chook is cooked and enjoy a juicy, fresh chicken. This is the best way to cook smoky, hot chicken because it won’t get dry and chewy! It remains lovely, fresh and moist even at incredibly high temps.


Fish is one of the best things to cook in your wood-fired pizza oven. Get a fillet of your favourite fish and season it in whichever style you like: Mediterranean, Portuguese, Indian – the list goes on. Bake it in your pizza oven and reap the health benefits of a delicious fish meal.


It may sound strange at first, but some desserts are perfect in the pizza oven. Cheesecakes and cooked fruits are particularly good to try, because they’re enhanced by the wood-fired flavour of the oven.

If you were to consult other pages on the internet, you’ll find an endless list of amazing dishes to cook in your wood-fired pizza oven. The guys at Sydney Fire Bricks could tell you a recipe or two! They’re Australia’s best manufacturer of pizza oven, with a range of styles and sizes available. And the best part? They deliver, Australia-wide. Get in touch with Sydney Fire Bricks to start your love affair with a pizza oven today!

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