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The stats don’t lie: you’re probably ever only going to buy one pizza oven in your lifetime. So, with this knowledge, wouldn’t you want to choose the best one? There are many great pizza ovens on the market today, but you’ve got to know what to look for in order to get your decision right. In this article, we look at the different wood-fired pizza ovens and try to work out which option is best for you.

Small ovens

For smaller Aussie families, who want to enjoy a quiet Friday family pizza night, or a Sunday roast with their wood-fired oven, then a smaller scale oven is a charming addition to the home. Not taking up too much outdoor space, yet changing the atmosphere entirely, a small pizza oven is a fantastic investment. An ideal small model of pizza oven to watch out for is the 850mm Round Dome Pompeii Kit, holding three pizzas at a time. It’s also big enough for baking bread, small roasts and other foods too.

Medium ovens

If you’re after something a bit bigger, you’ll be wanting a medium scale wood-fired pizza oven. These bad boys are perfect for hosting friends and family on the weekend and serving up a variety of beautiful, handcrafted pizzas. Your home will be known as the pizza palace and you’ll have many an opportunity to impress your loved ones with your pizza making expertise. If you’re looking for a medium sized pizza oven, we recommend the 1000mm Round Dome Pompeii Kit. They’re big enough to hold five pizzas, making it ideal for hosting intimate dinner parties for friends and family.

Large ovens

Dead set keen on making mouth-watering pizza and a range of other foods in your wood-fired oven? Large ovens give you the flexibility to cook just about whatever you like! People in the neighbourhood will smell the heavenly aromas coming from your backyard and become super jealous of the culinary goodness that you and your family enjoy. A perfect large pizza oven is the 1200mm Round Dome Pompeii Kit, holding a whopping seven pizzas and capable of making large roasts and big quantities of baked bread.

Whichever oven you choose, make sure you pick an Australian owned and manufactured pizza oven brand that is designed to operate in the harsh Aussie climate. When you choose a local oven builder, you’re helping them support the economy while giving yourself the best quality product on the market!

Sydney Fire Bricks are one of Australia’s best pizza oven manufacturers, proudly creating the 850, 1000 and 1200mm Round Dome Pompeii ovens. No matter your situation and personal preferences, they’ve got an oven to suit your needs. So, stop dreaming and start living! Get a quote from the team at Sydney Fire Bricks today.

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