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In the past few years, Australia has developed an obsession with pizza ovens. They’re in backyards across the country, filling the Friday night air with delicious pizza aromas. But where does this hype come from? Why did they take off all of a sudden? What makes them different to a regular oven?

Let’s slow down, OK? In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why pizza ovens are vastly different from any other cooking device and why they’re a great investment for your home.

That flavour…

First things first: pizza ovens give your food a heavenly, distinctive flavour. Pizza makers have been using wood-fired ovens to make pizza for hundreds of years, and there’s still no better way to do it. Wood-fired pizza ovens infuse that smoky, charcoal flavour in anything you cook. This makes it perfect for roasts, steaks, fish and a range of other foods.

They cook at super high heat

The reason wood-fired pizza ovens cook far superior pizza to your regular oven is partly because of the high heat. Wood-fired pizza ovens cook your pizza at temperatures of 400 degrees Celsius: far hotter than a regular oven. Ever tasted a pizza that’s been made in a conventional oven? The toppings are fine, but the base is usually either floppy and undercooked, or burnt to a crisp. Pizza ovens cook your pizza to perfection!

They have a greater pizza capacity

Where conventional ovens only have the capacity for one or two pizzas, wood-fired ovens can hold many more. Large pizza ovens, depending on the model, can hold a massive nine pizzas! Your family and friends will never go hungry when you cook up a feast for them. Imagine how much meat and veg you can fit in one of those bad boys!

They create atmosphere

Another reason why pizza ovens are different? They create a special vibe in your outdoor area. There’s no better way to entertain guests on a summer night than by cooking them delicious, handcrafted pizzas right in front of their eyes. Set up your outdoor area with table and chairs, so they can sit, enjoy a glass of wine and wait eagerly to try your mouth-watering pizza.

They’re built to last

You’ll never have a problem with your pizza oven if you invest in a quality manufacturer and take good care of it. Your pizza oven will be there to serve you for years and years to come!

So, that’s why pizza ovens are different from regular ovens and why the hype around them is one hundred per cent warranted! If you feel like jumping on board and investing in a pizza oven, contact Sydney Fire Bricks today. They’re able to deliver their famously well-built, Australian-made pizza ovens right across the country. Craftsmanship and unbeatable value is what you get when you purchase a Sydney Fire Bricks pizza oven.

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