Aussie-made products just aren’t as easy to find as they used to be. Whether we’re talking about the phasing out of the Australian-built Holden Commodore or the difficulty to find Aussie-made tools and equipment, you’ll find that it just gets harder and harder.

So, when you’re buying a pizza oven, you should always look for an Australian-made pizza oven – and, luckily, they’re not too difficult to find. When your pizza oven is made by a local, for a local household, you can guarantee that it’s built to last in the challenging Aussie climate. First up, we’ll give you a couple of examples of where not to buy pizza ovens.

Where NOT to buy them


Where you should buy Australian-made pizza ovens

Pizza ovens should be bought from a reputable Australian business who source their material locally and manufacture locally too. This way, you’re achieving a few great things: 1) you’re stimulating the Aussie economy, 2) you’re helping a local business and 3) you’re investing in a high quality pizza oven that comes with a warranty.

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